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Digital Food Thermometer

Get an instant temperature read with the Mad Man Digital Food Thermometer. Retractable probe for quick and easy use. Great for grilling, barbecuing, and baking. Auto on/off function. Simply insert... Learn More


Silicone Stick Anywhere Waterproof Speaker

Features: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, tablets, laptops, etc. Bluetooth speaker includes built-in microphone, enjoy hands-free calls. When a call comes in to the paired speaker, it will... Learn More


Sleek All Phone Car Cradle

Minimalistic car phone holder that provides hands-free safety on the road! Fits any car. Holds any phone. Uses gravity linkage design. Mad Man, masters of men's gifts. Material: Stainless Steel/Alloy.... Learn More


PowerBank Wallet

Stay connected and protected with the Power bank Wallet. Get three full charges for most phones. Built-in 10,000 MAH power bank charger. Dual lightning cable included to charge iPhones and... Learn More


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case

If your headphones aren't wireless, are they even headphones?! These wireless in-ear headphones deliver quality sound in an intelligent package. Completely wireless and easy to use, the Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds... Learn More


Digital Luggage Scale

High precision and easy to read Digital Luggage Scale with bright LCD display. Ergonomic handle design suitable for businessman and travel enthusiasts. 100 lbs. capacity with tare function. Suitcase hanger... Learn More


Friken Cool Pen

You've never had a pen that packs this big of a punch. It's the ultimate tech pen! Features: stylus tip, ruler, two headed screwdriver, bottle opener, phone stand. Pocket clip... Learn More


Bluetooth Bulldog Speaker

Kitchy bulldog design makes the Bluetooth Bulldog speaker extra special. It provides amazing sound quality and was designed with mobility in mind. Easily pair to any device. Great sound quality... Learn More


Bluetooth Nano Speaker

Tiny but mighty! The Bluetooth Nano Speaker by Mad Man is the perfect gift for every music lover! The pocket size design makes it ideal to carry around anywhere with... Learn More


Smart Grip & Phone Stand

In the tech world, these days it seems the bigger the screen, the better. However, it's not easier to carry. Mad Style brings you the Smart Grip and Phone Stand!... Learn More


Black Mad Man Wallet With Built In Charger

Powerful power-up! This handsome wallet is not just for your cash and credit cards. Think more along the lines of James Bond. This baby powers up your phone too! It... Learn More


Retractable All Phone USB Charger

No more cord mess! Stylish and practical, this compact Retractable All Phone USB Charger is a must have for students and workers. 3 foot charging cord that retracts into a... Learn More