2019 Fall-Winter

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Men's Professional Poker in a Tin Set

Get your head out of your apps! Turn your living room into a Las Vegas vacation with the Gentleman's Poker Set. The aluminum case gives you a convenient option for... Learn More


Men's Concrete Desk Planter

A modern and contemporary design on a classic planter. This beautiful concrete planter will fit perfectly in any home, living room or office. Faux succulents & rocks included. Wood holder... Learn More


Men's Origami Phone Wallet Grip and Stand

The Origami Phone Wallet Grip & Stand has 2 pockets that can securely hold credit cards, I.D.'s, metro cards, business cards, cash and more. It also has an attached slim... Learn More


Men's Wide Band Phone Wallet Grip and Stand

The Wide Band Phone Wallet features a card holder that sticks to the back of your mobile phone or phone case. The elastic band functions as a phone grip to... Learn More


Men's RFID Credit Card Slider Wallet

Practical wallet that makes a big Impression when taken out in front of friends and family. Luxurious appearance and premium quality makes this wallet great as a gift or even... Learn More


Men's Minimalist Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

Smaller than traditional wallets the Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Wallet is designed to comfortably fit into your front pocket without adding bulk. Flip open wallet to hold cards & I.D.'s.... Learn More
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Men's Modular Magnetic RFID Wallet

Modular items are composed of separate components that can be connected together. This modular wallet separates into three pieces for your cards, cash, & coins. Strong magnetic stitching allows the... Learn More


Men's Double Layer Waterproof Tech Bag

A large, cushioned storage bag suitable for smartphones, tablets, power banks, earphones, portable hard drives, USB data and power cables. Convenient and lightweight, great for travel or tourism. Premium Cable... Learn More


Men's Convertible Garment Duffel Bag

Don't go anywhere without the ultimate 2 in 1 Garment Duffle Convertible! A convertible garment bag that can be converted from a flat garment bag to duffle bag at the... Learn More
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Men's 200 Country USB Travel Adapter

All in One travel adapter. Great little adapter, extremely sleek and compact design, & one-handed operation, very compact and light for home or travel. This unit has 4 USB ports,... Learn More
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Men's Gunmetal 40 in 1 Money Clip

For those times when a wallet is too thick, get minimal with the most useful money clip around. Each Tool card comes with a removable money clip that holds up... Learn More


Men's 18 In 1 Survival Tool

Small but mighty! Always be prepared no matter what the elements throw at you because this credit card sized tool can go with you anywhere. Features: opener & screw tool,... Learn More


Men's 48 in 1 Universal Wrench

This professional-grade wrench tool Is designed with a 360 rotating head that quickly changes to the size you need. No more struggling to find the right size socket head! No... Learn More


Men's 5 in 1 Function Tape Measure

Handy tape measure with note pad and pencil for writing measurements or notes. Multi use 6' long tape ruler also holds a note pad & pencil. This multi-tool is convenient... Learn More


Men's All Plug Self Contained Mega Charger 20000mah

Give the gift of power and share a charge with family, friends, coworkers, or even a stranger with the all-in-one mega power bank charger! iOS, lightning & micro USB attachments... Learn More


Men's Wooden Desk Organizer

Quickly find your accessories by using the Wooden Desk Organizer. Organize your desk space & keep your essentials at hand. This stand is a stylish & practical accessory for your... Learn More


Men's Bluetooth Speaker Earmuffs

Stay warm & connected with the Mad Man Bluetooth Speaker Earmuffs. Sleek & stylish these earmuffs are made of a soft, warm material. Easily pair muffs to smart device to... Learn More


Men's Leather Bluetooth Tracker Key Chain

Stylishly keep tabs on your keys with the Mad Man Leather Bluetooth Keychain Tracker. When this key finder is connected to your phone, your phone will make a sound alert... Learn More


Men's Mad Charging Mousepad

Work smarter not harder! Conveniently charge your smart phone while you work. Multifunctional mouse pad with wireless charging function. Premium smooth & anti-slip surface. Use pegs to organize cords, store... Learn More


Men's 3 Plug Portable Spring Charging Cord

Conveniently charge your smart device with the 3 Plug Spring Portable Charging Cord. Easily attached appropriate device tip to cord. Awesome coil cord that provides extension without detaching device from... Learn More


Men's Fast Charging 3 in 1 Magnet Cable

Quickly charge all of your smart devices with our 3 in 1 Magnet Cable. Made of high quality braided nylon, shock-resistant, & anti-corrosive. Not used to transfer data, only to... Learn More


Men's Blue Light Blocking Rimless Computer Screen Glasses

No more eye strains & glare! The anti reflective coating and tinted lens on our Rimless Computer Screen Glasses eliminate glare, improve contrast, enhance depth perception, reduce digital eye strains,... Learn More


Men's 3 in 1 Bluetooth Planter Light

3 IN 1 Smart Music Light Flower Pot streams music via Bluetooth from your smartphone & tablet. Good quality and powerful sound, easy to operate, long play time and colorful... Learn More
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Men's Camo Wireless Earbuds

Mad Man Wireless Earbuds combine intelligent design with breakthrough technology to provide crystal clear sound. Easily pair earbuds to your smartphone for hands free activities. Lightweight & designed to comfortably... Learn More


Men's Enhanced Bass Wireless Speaker

Portable & durable the Enhanced Bass Wireless Speaker is compact but packs a punch. Louder volume with more bass for room filling sound. Perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom,... Learn More


Men's Mad Key Fob Charger

Sleek & powerful the MAD Key Fob Chargers provide a quick charge for your smart phone on the go. Securely attach Key Fob Charger to your car keys with durable... Learn More


Men's Wireless Suction Cup Charger

Safely charge your smart phone by securing it to the Wireless Suction Cup Charger. Compatible with most phones. It can easily fit inside your pocket, bag, or backpack for portable... Learn More


Men's Mad Man Beard Care Grooming Kit

Deluxe 5 piece men's grooming gift set makes the perfect gift for a bearded friend, father, boyfriend, or husband. Taming and shaping your beard or mustache is an easy task... Learn More


Men's Waterproof Silicone Toiletry Bag

With its ample storage, the Waterproof Silicone Toiletry Bag is the ideal bag for any and all of your toiletry items. It can hold essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, razor,... Learn More


Men's Vintage Baseball Pinball Game

Get your head out of your apps! Hit one out of the park with this vintage style Baseball Pinball Game. This retro style game is perfect for your desktop or... Learn More
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Men's Brushed Stainless Dice Set

Get your head out of your apps! Let's Roll Brushed Stainless Dice Set includes five brushed stainless die. Keep die secure with the matching flip-open case. Perfect travel game or... Learn More


Men's Black Edition Waterproof Card Deck

Get your head out of your apps! The Mad Man Black Edition Card Deck is made of high grade plastic material providing an extremely smooth hand feel. This deck is... Learn More


Men's Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Bring home your favorite craft beer or micro brews with the Mad Man Beer Growler. This BPA free growler is made out of 18/8 premium Stainless Steel. It will not... Learn More


Men's Collapsible BPA Free Hot/Cold Canteen

Tough, durable, & virtually unbreakable. This Collapsible Water Bottle is great of running, biking, jogging, skiing, walking, yoga, camping and travel. Our bottle is safe for you and the earth;... Learn More


Men's Jumbo 4 Ball Silicone Ice Tray

Enjoy your favorite cocktails without diluting them. One large ice ball melts more slowly than many cubes in a glass for your cocktail, whiskey, scotch, or liquor. Durable silicone won’t... Learn More


Men's Mad USB Charged Travel Juicer

This is a portable and convenient blender. Use it as a fruit and vegetable juicer, milkshake, or smoothie maker. Enjoy fresh, nutritious food conveniently at the office, on the field,... Learn More
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Men's Whiskey Wedge Set

Cool off your favorite liquor with this unique ice wedge. The wide surface of the cube keeps your cocktail chilled without watering it down. HOW TO USE: Place wedge form... Learn More


Men's Concrete Desk Organizer

A beautiful, modern place to store your pocket contents after a long day (even your smart phone & wallet)! BUT, our favorite part - it’s versatile and makes a wonderful... Learn More


Men's Concrete Desk Clock

A modern and contemporary design on a classic free-standing clock. This beautiful concrete time piece will fit perfectly in any home, living room or office. Made of durable concrete with... Learn More