When most people hear the words “Bachelor Party,” three things usually come to their minds immediately and in no specific order. These are “booze, drugs and strippers”. While this mindset still holds true in some cases, a lot of things are rapidly changing for the typical bachelor party scene.

Planning a memorable bachelor party (aka stag party or stag do) is one of the most expensive, terrifying, complicated but excitement–filled things any grown man will ever do. In part, this is because today’s typical bachelor party is no longer a single night event. The possible number of men involved and that most grooms, nowadays are not interested in just the usual 3 but want something more unique, fun and memorable for their bachelor parties.

At the end of the day, honoring the groom-to-be with a final night out with his bros while he says goodbye to bachelorhood, not necessarily in The Hangover movie style, is the true essence of throwing a bachelor bash for the groom.

Believe it or not, there are lots of ‘clean ways’ to have an enjoyable and unforgettable stag party weekend so if you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few of the currently trending ones you can use to make a friend’s party as memorable as possible.


In a period when lots of guys are getting married in their mid thirties and above, instead of right after college like their parents, it’s no surprise that most of these grooms-to-be do not want strippers, drugs and other unnecessary vices at their parties. These type of stag parties, typically named MAN-SHOWERS are exactly what it sounds like...everything similar to a bridal shower...but for a groom, not the bride. Funny enough, man-showers are still fun-filled as every other activity in a stag party still takes place... just not the drugs and the strippers/hookers part.

Coed Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties Are Making A Big Comeback

Oh yeah...this is actually a thing today. Popularly dubbed as “Jack and Jill Showers”, coed bachelor/bachelorette parties are super easy to plan, organize and personalize. It is a better solution especially if the upcoming groom and his bride both share the same close friends.

 It helps to bring everybody else in a party mood before the actual big day. Additional activities like some good old fashioned boys versus girls competition or party games will definitely be a hit!

Let’s not forget that since the total costs will be split by both sides of the couple’s friends, the final expenses by each person might be lower than usual.

Customized Party Favors

It may not be the actual wedding party, but most bachelor party organizers are now creating beautifully printed shirts, hats, key rings, even beer mugs just to celebrate their friend’s imminent passage to the league of the married.

This is even more apparent when the group is organizing a group activity to honor their friend. Such activities include playing a team sport (football or soccer), hitting the golf course, visiting bars together (bar crawling) or even enjoying extreme activities like group skydiving ... while being filmed of course.

The essence here is to display their unity as a group of friends in support of their own while he takes that leap of faith into marriage. This trending idea is fantastic as all the items can be personalized in such a way to reflect the likes and personality of the groom-to-be as well.

Playing Sports At The Bachelor Party

As a follow-up to idea number three, the trend of playing a group sport together, especially for stag parties planned over the weekend is a great one, especially if the upcoming groom is a fan or true player of the chosen sport as well.

This is a great time for the groomsmen to wear customized t-shirts, sweatshirts, head bands, etc., while showing their ball skills. Of course, the group will be divided into two teams with the losing team paying for the everyone’s drinks during happy hour. Remember, the goal is to honor the groom-to-be and so any sport chosen must be one he loves and can actually play as well.

Vodka, Wine or Whiskey Tasting and Beer Hopping

Not necessarily a new trend, but with the growing number of private winemakers, distilleries and craft brewers, it’s no surprise that most Stag Do parties make it a point to visit these unique booze makers to taste and savor their alcoholic beverages. Another noticeable trend is to get these craft brewers to create a personalized, custom -flavored alcoholic beverage based on the personal taste of the upcoming groom as a little way of honoring his passage from bachelorhood.

Outdoor camping, BBQ and Bonfire Nights

Incorporating outdoor camping and other related activities which offer a small group of adventurous men the chance to go hiking, snowmobiling, ride a dune buggy, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, and angling or even live game hunting seems to be a regular favorite among today’s groomsmen these days. Again this is only possible if the groom-to-be is an actual lover of the outdoor experience.

Capping it off with a great night of barbecuing some meat or the caught fish, with lots of beer with a nice bonfire burning nearby is a great way to end the day.

Other equally fantastic bachelor party trends and activities include...

  • Renting a beach house together instead of staying in hotel rooms.
  • Renting a video game lounge for one night...if the upcoming groom is a gamer.
  • Attending a boxing, MMA, WWE or Monster Truck event.
  • Group Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Stunt Car or Racecars Driving Sessions.
  • Subjecting the groom to a good old verbal roasting session...
  • Going to a concert featuring the groom’s favorite artist.

These are just a few bachelor party ideas currently trending right now. Feel free to get as creative as you want to when organizing one for your friend....and remember to have fun.