A lot have already been said about the general grooming habits of men or the apparent lack of it over the years. While some tangible reasons have been given for a man's lack of attention to details on personal grooming, other ones were mentioned ranged from the usual "I don’t have time for that stuff. I have a family to feed and a business to run".... or a chauvinistic attitude of “that’s woman stuff"... or even the slightly homophobic one "I’m not gay".

The fact of the matter is grooming has a huge role to play in the life of every and any aspiring man and a poorly groomed or shabbily dressed guy is a huge turnoff in any situation either in business or on a personal level.

Guess what, it’s no longer just woman stuff anymore.

On a more serious note, taking personal grooming seriously also gives other added benefits other than just the "look good” feeling too, some of which are relevant enough to improve the overall quality of any man's life.

So as a guy who wants to move higher up in this crazy, competitive world, here are simple male grooming tips that you can immediately adopt to your own personal style.

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Get a timely face-fitting haircut regularly

One somewhat hidden tip, most stylish guys are aware of is to never let it like look like you had your hair cut recently. This simply means taking a trip to the salon periodically to maintain your style. It also implies that your chosen hairstyle must be fitting to your facial shape and structure as well.

A simple way to achieve this is to find a great barber you are comfortable with and stick with him.

Hair in the wrong places

These include hair in your nose, ears and on your back. The sight of growing hair in any of these places is a very huge turnoff, especially if you are below forty. For example, ask a few ladies around you if they like hairy chests on their men, you'd get different answers. Ask them again if they find back hair on their guy attractive and you'll get one resounding answer every single time. Don't you want to look good and stay that way in the eyes of the ladies? Ditch those gross looking hairy stubs asap. Simple as that. 

Wash your face with facial soaps 

The rule here is basic. Use different soaps for washing your body and for washing your face. The reason for this is that most hand or body soaps are too harsh to use on the face as they tend to strip the facial skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy. You can avoid this by using a face cleanser enriched with some face friendly oils in it.

Brush your teeth and floss regularly

Well, this one isn't rocket science. The general rule of thumb is if your mouth tastes bad, your breath probably stinks too. It doesn't matter if your teeth aren't perfectly white or straight. Simply brushing and flossing daily especially at night before going to bed and after meals will go a long way. 

Wear well fitting and well-tailored clothing

This is important, as putting on such clothes, no matter your body shape, will flatter your body better. Better yet create a signature style for yourself...and please do not pull clothes out if your wardrobe to wear without proper ironing.

Other suitable grooming habits you should adopt are;

  • Always maintain a straight body posture. 
  • Exercise regularly, eat healthy meals and drink lots of water.
  • Use a mild perfume or cologne every day.
  • Stay away from alcohol or cigarettes as much as possible.
  • Wash your face in the morning, exfoliate at night.
  •  Trim your eyebrows as often as needed.