Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself in the mood to exercise. It's not a lot of fun and takes up precious, valuable time. But what if exercising didn't have to be boring anymore? In fact, with today's technology, your exercise can be a unique experience every day. 


These apps are specially designed to make exercise work for you. Not only will you easily start seeing results, but you will be motivated to work out every day. Never before has it been easier to get healthy and lose weight. These are the top apps you need to amp up that workout. 

Charity Miles
When you want to donate to a good cause, but get healthier in the process, this is the app you need. If you want to give back and do something good in the community, this is your chance. Charity Miles partners up with various different businesses who pledge a few cents for every mile you walk, run, or bike. The more you exercise, the more money that gets donated to charity.  Is there any better motivator for exercise? The best part is you can even choose which charity your money is sent to.  


FIT Radio 
When it comes to exercise, is finding the perfect music what's holding you back? FIT Radio is the app that can fix all of that.  Simply choose what genre of music you like, who some of your favorite artists are or what exercise you plan to do, and this app will choose the perfect tunes. It doesn't matter what type of exercise you enjoy. From cycling to yoga, this app will find the music that will keep you in tune with your body.


My Asics
This running app, created by the shoe company Asics, will create the perfect running routine designed for you.  Whether you are just a beginner who gets winded walking up the stairs, or a pro who likes to run in marathons, this app will improve your stamina. You will even get your own training schedule, which details how often you need to run and how far you need to run.  


When you feel like you just can't get motivated to get healthy and exercise, Pact is the app to get you moving. You start by wagering your own money on whether you will go to the gym or complete a workout.  The app will verify this by having you check-in at your various exercise places at the correct times.  Hit your goals and cash in on the winning pool.  Don't exercise, and you'll have to pay up.


This is a running app and radio app built into one.  Keep this app open during your runs, and it will automatically find music to match your running tempo.  You can even create your own playlist ahead of time and try to keep up.  If you like to explore new music and stay fit and healthy, this app will change your world.


If you want to be better at whatever physical exercise you do, then Strava is the app for you. You can track your stats on your runs, reps, miles, etc. Track your best times, and then try to beat them.You can even check out the leaderboard of strangers and see where you fall on the scale. This app can help bring out that competitive side in any person.


Maybe you want to get healthy, but don't know how to combine diet and exercise. MyFitnessPal is an app that does it all for you, right at your fingertips.  Enter in the important information, like how much you weigh, how much you want to weigh, and what your goal date is. The app will then give you a calorie goal based on how active you are during the day. You can log your calories throughout the day, as well as exercise, to try to hit your goals. Even compare with friends where you are on your fitness journey.


You no longer have to struggle when it comes to exercise and weight loss. New apps and technology make it easier than ever to create a plan and stay motivated. These great apps will even help you get healthier and happier.