Exercising can often be a stressful thought, as many of us don't have the time, can't afford expensive equipment, or simply just feel a fool, but here are five great ways that you can work out in privacy and without spending any money!
1. Inner Thigh Box Shuffle
Find a space in your house that you can make a clear path from one side to the other. Get a box and fill it with heavy things that aren't likely to break - for example a plastic tub of unopened food, several coats, the toaster etc. You can adjust the weight to fit your preferences. Then, with your inner foot, push the box all the way to one side of the room as you shuffle sideways. Repeat this motion with the other foot to the other end of the room, and so on. This is a great exercise to tone the inner thighs, and so simple!
2. Water Bottle Weights
This is an age-old exercise, but remains timelessly effective! Place two unopened bottles of water on the floor in front of you with your feet just slightly apart. Pick up the bottles and bring them to your chest, side by side and hold for a count of five. Next, raise the bottles above over your head, and hold for a count of five. Bring back down to the chest, and hold for five. Then hold both of your arms out in front for a count of five. Bring back to chest for five second. Then stretch both arms out either side of you, again holding for a count of five. Return to your chest for another count of five, before placing them back on the floor. Use two 2-litre bottles for a good effect. 
3. The Dirty Laundry Lifts
This one is incredibly simple, but will do as good to your arms as an expensive set of weights! Just fill two bags with your laundry, and with your arms either side of you, bring your hands up to your chest, before dropping them again, and repeating the action. The slower you go, the more good you'll do your arms, but repeating this action for a while every day will create great results. You can also use shopping bags, however the plastic may dig into your hands, and the bags may be too heavy. Do whatever works best for you, though, being in shape is a personal quest, not a competition. 

4. Good Morning Sit-Ups
Lay on your bed with your legs hanging off the side, and extend your fingers straight up toward the ceiling. Remaining in this position, sit up straight. Repeat this simple movement to tone the three stubborn areas of fat - legs, arms, and stomach!
5. Side To Side On The Sleeper
This is another exercise that is very effective in targeting several areas to tone up, and only requires your bed. Standing at the side of your bed, place both of your palms flat on the mattress. With both of your legs pressed together, lean forward and bring your knees up and to the left side of your hands on the mattress. Bounce back to the floor, and repeat the motion on the right side of your hands. Repeat in a rhythmic way for best results. This works great for both your abs and your arms!